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An iOS app that shows you the latest news stories trending on Twitter from a variety of news sites

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Enable swipe-to-tweet

Tap the Twitter logo in the upper-left of the article list to enable the swipe-to-tweet feature.  You can then tweet any article by swiping it to the left and tapping the Tweet button

Share, save, read later

When you open an article it is loaded from the publishing news website.  You can press the iOS action icon in the upper-right to share the article via Message, Email, Twitter, Facebook or other social networks.

You can also add the article URL to the iOS reading list which will make the article available to read later in the Safari web browser.

Who made this?

We are three MSc Computer Science students at University College Dublin.  This app was produced by us as a group between June and August 2015.

Photo of Conor

Conor Griffin

Conor has 10 years experience in development and infrastructure and currently works at MasterCard

Photo of Sue

Suzanne Lakes

Suzanne is an IT manager working for 30 years in Financial Services.

John Moran

John has over 10 years experience in IT, engineering, education and operations management

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